Status-N LTD

The  company  with history of over 10 years.
It is specialized in building, repair and reconditioning of gas distributing equipment, water and sewerage systems and cable network systems, using the most modern and qualitative of horizontal probing.



About Status-N

     Company Status-N is established in the year of 1999.
        The object is complex to activity of the organizacion, investigation, consulting and executive  in the area of the civil and underground engineering.

       The following structure is built, successfully serves and develops from executing its goal:

  •    A department construction
  •    An unit  for offers, negotiation and account the construction
  •    Fiscal - An accounting unit, labor and work wage
  •   Technical management personnel
  •   The unit more supplied

      Using innovational approach and a team of highly qualified experts and technical capabilities, the company is able to suggest to its potential customers, this notable experience in pipe-line systems.
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